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What is Storynomics™?


Storynomics™ in Action…

The Boldt Company builds mammoth construction projects: power plants, hospitals, educational buildings, and industrial complexes. But before Boldt can build, it must win bids. In the past, Boldt’s bid team, working in the time-honored way, pitted its numbers against its competitor’s numbers. Their win rate was one in ten. With some face-to-face Storynomics™ training, the bid team soon mastered the craft of turning data into drama creating a story-driven bid, entitled “Boldt Builds.” This new pitch starred Boldt on a heroic quest for engineering excellence, fail-proof scheduling, transparent costings, sustainability, and worker safety. The Boldt quest climaxes with an on-time, on-budget, owner-ready facility that’s lawsuit-free and aesthetically inspiring.

The result? Their win rate doubled and Boldt’s ranking amongst America’s top construction companies jumped 20 places.

What’s true for Boldt is true for every corporation, entrepreneur, small business, and tech startup in the world today. The story you tell must be equal to the product you sell. Beyond bids, business leaders need story for all strategic tasks – including training, sales, budgeting, and branding. If you don’t control your story and tell it powerfully, others will tell it for you with less than flattering results. The old safe has disappeared. The only sure thing now is to tell the best story to maximize profits. Gaining the narrative advantage in all aspects of business.

This is Storynomics™.

The Storynomics™ Seminar

Here is what some Industry Leaders have to say about learning Storynomics from Robert McKee.

“Excellent seminar, very insightful. All of what I have learned here is directly applicable to the craft. Mr. McKee has given form to many of the concepts that I have struggled with for years.”

Alexandre Amancio

Creative Director, UBISOFT

“The art of storytelling as art of persuasion – Robert McKee is the best.”

Alexander Paufler

CEO & President, MERCEDES-BENZ Thailand

“It’s a stunning achievement, and beautifully put together. I am in awe at how compelling it is to watch.”

Barbara Minto

Author, THE PYRAMID PRINCIPLE and 19 other Bestsellers

“McKee’s exceptional teaching is critical to success.”

Phyllis Fogarty

Brand Manager, PEPSICO

“I must tell a story in 30 seconds to 3 minutes. McKee taught me how to create a unique and compelling story for the international brand.”

Phil Chapman

Marketing Director, KRAFT FOODS

“McKee’s seminars were highly informative and enormously beneficial. If not for those two days (in LA & NYC), I would not now have the script I am taking into a client meeting next week. Bravo, Robert!”

Ron Correa


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